Louise Dorian

In 1977, after the birth of her first child, Louise enrolled in a nutrition class taught by Dodie Anderson.   A few months later toward the end of her daughter’s first year, she received a terrifying diagnosis of carcinoma in situ class 4 cancer of the cervix.  This news propelled her deeper into studying nutrition, focusing on dietary changes and eating healthily.  Healing very quickly from surgery, she was pregnant six months later and her second daughter was born weighing a healthy nine pounds!

Dodie Anderson was her first and ongoing nutrition teacher.  She enrolled in the nutrition class Dodie offered through the La Leche League and in the late nineties she certified as a Metabolic Typing Advisor in Dodie’s Metabolic Education Training Program.   

She has a BS degree in Human Services from Lesley University and has been a certified yoga teacher and certified massage therapist for over thirty years.   Half of her first yoga certification was the study of Ayurveda.   As an Ayurvedic lifestyle counselor, she taught Ayurvedic nutrition. 

In her late forties her marriage ended and a new life began.  As a single parent with older daughters in college and high school, she returned to the pleasure and joy of her lifelong passion for dance.  She studied Middle Eastern dance and then Latin and Ballroom.  It has been a pattern in her life that when she falls into something she loves, such as yoga, massage or dance, she is drawn to share it with others.  This deepens her study and focus and she begins teaching and incorporating it as part of her life’s work.

When Dodie introduced her to the work of Raymond Peat, Phd, she was immediately drawn to follow his dietary recommendations.  She felt that with all her dancing and even with yoga, her joints were not always as reliable as they had been when she was younger and this was concerning.  Her pivots, spins and even endurance were becoming unpredictable.  She could easily execute dance moves but might be unexpectedly sore later on with either muscle or joint pain.  It made sense to her that she might need much more calcium for her muscular skeletal system and need a stronger metabolism for consistent energy as she was getting older.  

The increase of milk and other changes in her diet increased her body strength and endurance.     She was unaware of how often she was reaching for all kinds of foods (some healthy and some not) to satisfy cravings.    

Ray Peat’s science teachings about how your body functions and what foods are your best fuels are not mainstream.  She has found his explanation of needing to eat GOOD carbohydrates in relation to protein and good fats comprehensive, especially in understanding why we have increasing chronic illness in our culture.