Gelatinous Stock

The real purpose of making a stock is to have the anti-inflammatory proteins which are composed of amino acids.  These acids are found in large amounts in the collagen of the joints and also in the bones.  The gelatinous stock should be like jello when refrigerated.  This means it is full of gelatin and high in the anti-inflammatory  proteins  glycine, proline and hydroxyproline.  Once you have reached your full physical growth, the aging process begins and our levels of CO2 can lower, our thyroid levels and energy production levels can drop and our cortisol levels, which may cause inflammation, can go up.   Drinking gelatinous stock is one way to keep inflammation down in your joints and soft tissues.   The kinds of bones we recommend below have the highest amounts of collagen.


Extra large stock pot with cover
Large bowl for rinsing/cleaning
Large bowl for cooling the stock
Storage containers/ice cube trays with sliding cover (if available) for storing
Slotted spoon

6-8 lbs/2 1⁄2-3 1⁄2 kg any combination of either beef oxtail or beef knee joints (probably from a farm), lamb necks, or chicken/turkey carcass including necks, wings and feet. You can also buy the necks, wings and feet separately. Oxtail and chicken feet make the best and thickest stock. Do not use bones like ribs or shanks with a lot of bone marrow if you want to avoid high levels of iron.  High iron levels can set off oxidation of fatty acids which can result in free radicals and other health problems like age spots on your skin (lipofuscin) and a slowing down of your metabolic rate.

If you use chicken feet, be sure they were not soaked in chlorine or disinfectant.
Filtered/purified water to cover bones.

Optional: between 1-3 tbsp lemon juice or white vinegar to aid leaching of calcium from bones

Pickling salt


Prep time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 2-4 hours or when stock tastes rich and flavorful, not watery. This is an indication that the stock will be gelatinous. Making a good stock generally takes practice! 




Varies and depends on how many bones you have.



Enjoy at least ¼ - ½ cup salted stock daily or add it to your favorite soup, stew or gravy recipe. 


Stock will keep in the fridge for 5-7 days or in the freezer for up to six months.