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Here are some concepts that we teach in detail in our free classes.

The four cornerstones to vitality are CALCIUM, FRUCTOSE, STABLE FATS AND RESISTANT FIBERS.

Here we list the two best foods in each of the four categories for elevating calcium, stabilizing blood sugar, lowering free radicals and flattening your tummy.

1) MILK and CHEESE contain high levels of calcium which is easily absorbed.  Calcium from dairy can help you lose weight because it can lower stress that suppresses your metabolism.  Other benefits of increased metabolism can be improved sleep, strong bones, good muscle tone and normal blood pressure.

2) RIPE FRUIT and FRUIT JUICES contain fructose, a special sugar, which is your best fuel because it helps normalize insulin levels and increase the uptake of glucose into the cells for better energy production.  It also helps the liver to detoxify so the liver can produce more glycogen, the stored form of glucose.  All of these factors increase energy which spares protein thus allowing muscle development, regeneration and healing.  This type of fuel can give you incredible energy that can lead to feelings of euphoria.

3) BUTTER and COCONUT OIL contain saturated fats which are extremely stable.  What is a stable fat?  A stable fat is solid at room temperature and is not changed by heat, light or oxygen causing peroxidation.  This means the fat is unlikely to produce free radicals.  Unstable fats, called polyunsaturated fats, are liquid even in the refrigerator.  Examples are vegetable oil, canola oil, corn oil and oils from nuts and seeds. They ARE unstable when exposed to light and oxygen and even room temperature heat. Remember your normal body temperature is 98.6.  Due to their instability and high production of free radicals, polyunsaturated fats can lead to accelerated aging, age spots, lowering of your metabolic rate and a myriad of chronic diseases.  PS:  Fish oils are unstable fats too!  

4) WELL COOKED MUSHROOMS and RAW CARROTS contain resistant fibers.  Examples of resistant fibers are mushrooms and raw carrots that have high antifungal and antibacterial properties which allow them to resist as well as destroy fungus and bacteria.  This can be a huge health benefit in terms of preventing gas and bloating and other problems not related to digestion such as colds, flu, allergies, headaches, backaches and poor sleep.  The benefits of eating well cooked mushrooms and raw carrots result in a flat stomach.  Stay away from salads and raw vegetables, except raw carrots, because they are food for bacteria in your small intestine.  Bacteria belong only in the colon or large intestine located at the end of your digestive tract.

Written by:  Dodie Anderson